Learn more about the bamboo fabric we use

There are lots of advantages of bamboo fabric that you need to know about. Bamboo fabric is luxuriously soft, so soft that it feels like it lightly floats on your skin. This is due to the smooth round structure of the bamboo fibre, which has no sharp or rough elements that could cause irritation. Bamboo fabric is supposedly anti-bacterial, meaning that your turban will stay fresh for longer as the fibre helps fight odors.

Bamboo fabric offers excellent ventilation thanks to microscopic holes in the fibre. This keeps you feeling fresh for longer. In addition, An amazing fact about bamboo is that it does not wrinkle easily, even after frequent washing. This makes it perfect for those of us less keen on our iron, plus makes it more sustainable as we need to use less energy to maintain our bamboo clothes.

The thermoregulatory properties of bamboo fabric helps keep you cool when the weather gets hot. The breathable and moisture wicking nature of the material allows for ultimate comfort on hot days. These same thermoregulatory properties of bamboo fabric also helps keep you warmer in winter, making bamboo a performance material for any weather. This is due to its cross sectional fibers which helps keep heat in on colder days, ensuring bamboo is warmer than cotton when the temperature drops.